Yvonne Meziere

Yvonne Meziere

The Mission of the Garden

The mission of the Chase Garden is to continue the artistic vision of Emmott and Ione Chase and to preserve their iconic garden for public enjoyment and education.

Managing the Chase Garden Today
In 2010 Emmott Chase deeded the Chase Garden to the Garden Conservancy, a national organization whose mission is to preserve America’s exceptional gardens for the inspiration and education of the public. While the garden’s regular public schedule was suspended as of July 1, 2017, the Garden Conservancy continues to maintain the property in accordance with Emmott and Ione Chase’s vision for the garden and is making public access available as possible.  

A lead horticulturist, volunteers, and the Garden Conservancy continue to be dedicated to preserving the garden and artistic vision of Emmott and Ione Chase.

Will Clausen, Lead Horticulturist,  wclausen@gardenconservancy.org

For more info: info@gardenconservancy.org