Members Only Photo Contest

By August 30th, vote for your favorite photo-Members photo contest exhibit at the garden.


The ONLY criteria, is that you must be a member and the photo must be taken at Chase Garden. Get your creative on!!

  • Submit one 8×10 photo to Lori Taylor at the garden or send a digital copy by June 30th.
  • Chase Garden will frame all photos with the same frame and they will be hung on the exterior wall daily for our visitors to vote on between June 30 and August 30th. (one vote per visit)
  • The winner will win a private Tea in the Garden for up to eight people.
  • We welcome you to also submit a digital copy that will appear in our social media

All photos can be retrieved after the winner is announced unless you would like to donate it to our garden shop to be sold- to benefit the garden.
We know that some of best photo opportunities are outside the hours of 10-3. If you would like to come and take photos outside of open hours, please call and we will do our best to make arrangements to be here for you to take your winning shot!